Ionic Foot Detox

Ionic Foot Detox

At an ionic foot bath session, users immerse their feet in a basin filled with salt water. Electrodes in the water add a small electric charge. The electric charge helps draw out toxins and make the body’s pH more alkaline. As this happens, the clear water in the bath starts to turn brown, or even orange. Some users experience reduced pain, higher energy level, and relief from allergies, insomnia and other conditions after a treatment.

NRG Works – Detox & Energize

What kind of scientific studies have been conducted regarding the health benefits of NRG Works?

Blood samples taken from clients before and after receiving foot spa treatments have demonstrated significant improvement in clients’ cellular health. The samples showed coagulation and disfiguration of plasma blood cells before treatments. After treatments, the cells are differentiated, round, and hydrated. These results help confirm the energizing and detoxifying effects of the foot spa on the inner domains of the body.

Is the NRG Works Foot Spa right for you?

You cannot use the foot spa if you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Have a pacemaker
  • Have a transplanted organ(s)
  • Are under the age of 4
  • Have epilepsy

We do note recommend that you use the foot spa while undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. However, it is believed that the NRG Works Foot Spa enhances most medical treatments and aides the body in its natural recovery process.

The maximum time one can use the foot spa is 40 minutes every other day.

Why NRG Works?

We live in a toxic world. Unfortunately the world we live in today is not the same place it was 200 years ago. Today we live in a toxic world. From food preservatives, to car exhaust, to chemical cleaning supplies… these toxins are found in every part of our lives.

Environmental toxins have become the leading source of modern day illnesses. Everyday our body expends energy to protect itself from toxins.

The state of our health depends on the amount of energy we have. In order to live healthy, vibrant lives, we need energy.

What is the NRG Works Foot Spa?

The NRG Works Foot Spa is a bioelectric device that utilizes electricity and water to detoxify and energize the entire body through the feet.

The NRG Works machine consists of two water modules, an electrical transformer, twenty sets of extra keys and rings, an instruction manual and DVD, brochure, and durable carrying case.

How does the NRG Works Foot Spa work?

NRG Works is based on a very simple design.

The foot spa consists of module made of copper and stainless steel rings and a key connected to an electrical transformer with a built-in timer. The transformer converts electricity from the house into the a 24-Volt DC output. The module is placed into a container of comfortably hot water. Feet are placed in the water and the timer is set to 40 minutes. The electricity runs through the wire attached to the key and rings, generating an electrical current. This current moves through the water and creates a negatively charged bioelectric field.

NRG Works Energizes

When we put our feet into this water, a continuous circuit flows between our body and charged water. Energy flows up into every cell in our body.

NRG Works Detoxifies

Toxins reside in a positively charged state when in the body. Because opposites attract, toxins are attracted to the water’s negative field and are drawn out of the body through the large pores in the feet.

NRG Works was designed for the feet

The feet naturally function to aid the body in its detoxification process. The feet also contain some of the most powerful acupuncture and reflexology points in the body. These points correspond to specific channels that carry energy throughout the body. NRG Works Foot Spa treatments stimulate these energy systems while detoxifying the body.

Why does the foot bath water change color?

Color change of the water depends on two main factors: the solute/mineral content of the water itself, and the toxic substances being drawn out of the body through the feet. Many people get excited about the color change; the most important part of the treatment, however, is the effect it has on the body.

What are the benefits of using the foot spa?


People have experienced increased energy, clarity of mind, calming of emotions, and heightened physical well-being.


Energizing and detoxifying the body has enable people to heal more effectively and at a faster pace from various injuries and illnesses.


Many people who have used the foot spa for several months or longer have noticed they not only feel younger, but they look younger too. NRG may have an anti-aging effect on the body.